About Us

Who We Are

Rocking Black, Inc. is an apparel line whose goal it is to use clothing as a way to express your pride, personality and confidence in your culture. The designs also seek to combat negative stereotypes in pop culture. There are times when you want to be positive or funny but there are also times when you want to scream and fight, the designers at Rocking Black seeks to embody all of those emotions in our designs. Our mission is to get people to Live, Laugh and Love Out LOUD. Through apparel we hope to encourage people to be proud, to be beautiful, to be amazing!


Rocking Black, Inc. was originally the brain child of and 8 year old kid who wanted to make “shocking” shirts to wear while he hung out with friends. Eventually the company morphed into a family business with designs created by everyone in our family. Hopefully we’ve left you inspired...


We are based in the DMV area (DC, MD & VA). If you would like to contact us please email Rocking Black, Inc. at info@rockingblack.com.